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7 Lemon Uses You Never Knew About

6. Black Spots Treatment

Lemon juice is well known for it’s antibacterial qualities and is an excellent product to use for oily skin. Lemon juice detoxify and clear your skin in a healthy way, and can remove deeper degrees of epidermis. Wash it away and after that all you must do is apply Lemon juice on your skin for maximum 10 minutes (depending on sensitivity of your skin). Don’t go to the shore the following day and it is recommended to do this process in the evening.

5. Forget About Pigment Spots

Poor diet, acne, sun negatively impact your skin condition and cause hyperpigmentation. To lighten the dark spots, start using a little of lemon juice on the affected area for 15 minutes twice weekly. Wash off the lemon juice later and use sunblock.

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