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7 Lemon Uses You Never Knew About

Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, What is the truth about lemons?

Apart of its normal use of as lemonade, there are plenty other uses that NOT all people know. For Your Health as well as Your Beauty (skin care masks), Lemons can do miracles, So without further delay, i let you discover the 7 secret uses of lemons that were hidden by make-up and medicine companies. (The Last Will Blow Your Mind).

7. Face Tonic

Your skin is in constant need of restoration and it can’t get enough antioxidants, vitamin C, and free-radical fighting agents.

Lemons are a pure natural astringent and exfoliator. Matching that benefit with a soothing ingredient makes your skin glow. If you can mix together the juice of a half lemon with a couple tablespoons of coconut water then apply the mixture to your face with a clean cotton pad and allow it to dry. The coconut water is a lasting moisturizer while the lemon works at keeping oil and bacteria away.

This mixture is to apply only once a day. Lemons remove natural oil buildup so if you are overloading your skin with it juice, this can cause skin dryness. It can be used as skincare for acne rosacea.

Lemons Citric acid acts as an agent that lightens blemishes and sweeps away dead skin cells, which means a huge action against blackheads and impurities. This soften skin mixture, exfoliates and brightens at the end of the day.

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