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7 foods you absolutely have to try when traveling to Italy


Italian food is known worldwide for being molto bene! With its pasta, pizza, sauces and gelato, you’ll have so many different foods to try. And if you’re planning on taking a trip to Italy, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed with the amount of food you’re presented with…and pretty sad you can’t eat everything. But which ones do you really need to try? Take a look at the 7 foods you must give a go while in Italy.


Italy is known for its delicious dessert – Tiramisu. Tiramisu has been around since the ’60s and is known for being one of the most famous desserts to come out of Italy and. It’s also a firm favorite for Italians and the rest of the world. Tiramisu is made from layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers (but only the best coffee, of course), and creamy and sweet mascarpone cheese. There are different variations all across the country, as some restaurants choose to add cream and egg whites and swap the lady fingers for other biscuits and cookies…but the concept is still the same. And it’ll still be yummy.



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