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LOVEWays in Which Insecurity Can Mar Your Relationship

Ways in Which Insecurity Can Mar Your Relationship

One of the most vital factors for establishing if insecurity is indeed positive or negative for your relationship is how you or your partner express or react to the insecurity. Partners who freely voice their feelings of jealousy or insecurity are more stable in the relationship than those who simply avoid communication and act distant. Insecurity can make you shower your partner with greater affection in a more caring and affectionate manner or lead to a fight by accusing your partner of betrayal. In the former, your insecurity is expressed in a way that can enhance your relationship, while in the latter; it is paving the way for a destructive relationship.

Insecurity can range from the harmless – a competitive compliment pitting a partner against a good-looking co-worker to the downright extreme – controlling every move your partner makes. While sometimes insecurity can

Be instinctive, natural or even productive, in extreme cases; it has a destructive impact on the fabric of an otherwise wholesome relationship. It can threaten the foundation of your relationship, take away your individuality, and make your life highly stressful. Here are some ways in which insecurity can negatively impact your relationship.

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